Rating System

I rate and review the books that I read based on :

  • the plot and the way it’s executed
  • the world building (if it applies)
  • the characters and their story arc
  • the pacing
  • the cover art
  • how the book made me feel

All of the above have a weigh on my rating except for the cover art, which might be mentioned in the review if I think it’s worth critiquing. While reviewing or rating a book or series, I always keep in mind the genre it falls into and the author’s writing style.

This is what each of my ratings mean:


Five hearts it’s maximum rating. It means I absolutely loved the book/series and could hardly find anything wrong with it.


A four-heart rating means that even though the things I loved about the book/series far outweighs the things I didn’t, there were still some major key issues I could not overlook.


Three hearts mean I probably enjoyed the book/series but wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. The things I didn’t like outweighs the things I did.


A two-heart rating means I probably could’ve spent my life without having ever read the book or series.


The lowest rating. If I ever give a book or a series one heart, I most likely did not finish it nor plan to.


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